Capstone Publishing

Close Reading Links for Small Group Instruction Series—Student Books

Adapting to Survive (Boyle)Animal Friends from Classic Children’s Literature (Boyle)
At the Time of the American Revolution (Boyle)Extraordinary Animals (Boyle)
Fables from Long Ago (Boyle)Getting to Know Characters from Long Ago (Boyle)
Going Fast (Boyle)Happily Ever After: Stories from Classic Children’s Literature (Boyle)
In Their Own Words: Diaries from Long Ago (Boyle)Investigating Primary Sources from American History (Boyle)
Merry Moments in Poetry (Boyle)Native Americans: Past and Present (Boyle)
Nature’s Beauty in Rhythm and Rhyme (Boyle)Oceans Around the Globe (Boyle)
People from America’s Past (Boyle)Tales from Long Ago (Boyle)
Themes Through Poetry (Boyle)Wise Words from Long Ago (Boyle)

Close Reading Links for Small Group Instruction Series—Teacher’s Resource Guides

Close Reading Links Grade 3 (Boyle)Close Reading Links Grade 4 (Boyle)
Close Reading Links Grade 5 (Boyle) 

Captus Press (York University)

Industrial RelationsA New Guide to Reading German
Speaking and Singing FrenchADR and Consumer Law
Cain’s LandPersonal Financial Planning (Dutch Edition)
The Toronto Dance TheatreThe Financial System of Mexico
Statute, Commentary and Case LawSex May Be Wasted on the Young
Introduction to Public Law: ReadingsIntroduction to Private Law Relationships
Flowers and DeathLegal Framework
Introduction to Law in CanadaSocial Conflict and Environmental Law
Personal Financial PlanningCreating a Theatre
Environmental SociologyWhen Seniors Are Abused
Strategic Briefings: ProfilesNorthern Aboriginal Communities
Introduction to Administration StudiesResort: A Strategic Management Simulation


PanAm Games Series

Discover Math Through Sport Grade 7 Math Student Book (Corrigan)Discover Math Through Sport Grade 7 Math Teacher’s Resource (Corrigan)
Discover Science Through Sport Grade 7 Science Student Book (Corrigan)Discover Science Through Sport Grade 7 Science Teacher’s Resource (Corrigan)

Emond Montgomery Publications

Drama Works Teacher’s Resource (Irvine et al.)

Fairchild Publications (Bloomsbury)

Fitting and Pattern Alteration (Rasband et al.)Writing for the Fashion Business (Swanson & Everett)
Dictionary of Retailing, Second Edition (Ostrow)Menswear Student Book (Londrigan)
Menswear Instructor’s Guide (Londrigan)Business of Fashion Student Book (Burns & Bryant)
Business of Fashion Instructor’s Guide (Burns & Bryant)Business of Fashion PowerPoint Presentation (Burns & Bryant)
Fundamentals of Lighting Student Book (Winchip)Fundamentals of Lighting Instructor’s Guide (Winchip)
Fundamentals of Lighting PowerPoint Presentation (Winchip) 

Gage Educational Publishing

Gage Canadian School ThesaurusGage Canadian Dictionary, Intermediate

Garamond Press

Organizational Behaviour (Mills)

Harcourt Canada

Criminology (Linden)Law in Society (Larsen)
Criminal Justice in Canada (Roberts)Learning for Success (Fleet)
Harbrace Workbook for Canadians (Connor)Canadian Law, Second Edition (Boyd)
Connecting: A Culture-Sensitive Approach to Interpersonal Communication Competency (Berko)Steps to Writing Well (Wyrick)
Procedures for the Medical Administrative Assistant (Plunkett)The Winston Canadian Dictionary, Revised (Edwards & Edwards)

Irwin Publishing

Perspectives: Canadian Geography (Andrew/Draper)

John Wiley & Sons, Canada

Industrial Relations (McQuarrie)Abnormal Psychology (Davidson & Neale)
Managerial Finance in a Canadian Setting—Sixth Edition (Cleary & Lusztig)Investments—Analysis and Management (Jones & Cleary)
Human Resource Management (De Cenzo)Financial Accounting (Hoskin)

Learning Express, LLC

Dental Assisting Exam (Kirby & Herold)Pharmacy Technician Exam (Fridley et al.)
Veterinary Technician Exam (Balay et al.) 

Logic Design Publishing

Introduction to Robotics (Simpson)Programmable Logic Controllers (Simpson)

Maupin House by Capstone Professional

Two Books are Better than One (K–2) (Frost)

McGill-Queen’s University Press

Up and to the Right (Toomey)The Great Land Rush (Weaver)
Stikeman Elliott: The First Fifty Years (Pound)Market Rules: Economic Union Reform and Policy-Making in Australia and Canada (Brown)
Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home (Porteous & Smith) 

McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Biology Grade 11 Teacher’s Resource (Blake et al.)Chemistry Grade 11 Teacher’s Resource (Cherkas et al.)
Understanding the Law (Dickinson et al.) 

National Science Teachers Association/NSTA Press

Project Earth Science Series

Astronomy, Revised Second Edition (Holt & West)Geology, Revised Second Edition (Fullagar & West)
Meteorology, Revised Second Edition (Veal & Cohen)Physical Oceanography, Revised Second Edition (Aretxabaleta, Brooks & West)

Nelson Education

World Religions: A Canadian Catholic Perspective (van den Hengel et al.)All About Law, Sixth Edition—Student Book (Murphy, Elliott, Mete, Glass)
All About Law, Sixth Edition—Teacher’s Resource (Murphy, Elliott, Mete, Glass)Human Geography 8, Second Edition—Student Book (Draper, French, Farrell-Cordon)
Human Geography 8, Second Edition—Teacher’s Resource (Draper, French, Farrell-Cordon)Physical Geography 7, Second Edition—Student Book (Draper, French, Farrell-Cordon, Sacco)
Physical Geography 7, Second Edition—Teacher’s Resource (Draper, French, Farrell-Cordon, Sacco)Business Technology Today—Student Book (Ellerby, Pinto, Hiltz)
Business Technology Today—Teacher’s Resource (Ellerby, Pinto, Hiltz)People and Places 7—Student Book (Harrison et al.)
People and Places 7—Teacher’s Resource (Harrison et al.)Civics Now—Grade 9 Student Book (Gordon, MacFadden, Watt)
Civics Now—Grade 9 Teacher’s Resource (Aspen-Baxter, Pearson, Simpson)Kindergarten to Grade 6 Teacher’s Resource Book
Kindergarten Teacher’s Resource Book (Trehearne)Grade 10 History—Student Book
Language Arts: Literature & Media—Grade 9 Teacher’s GuideLanguage Arts: Hand in Hand—Grade 3 Teacher’s Guide
The Electronic Office (Tilton et al.)Beyond Policy Analysis (Leslie Pal)
RRSPs and Other Retirement Strategies (Kelman)The ITP Nelson Canadian Dictionary of the English Language

Oxford University Press

Oxford Next Dictionary 1 (Swartz)

Pearson Education Canada

Amazing 2! Canadian Newspaper Stories (Bates)Fundamentals of Management (Robbins)
Global Marketing Management (Keegan)Principles of Microeconomics (Case/Fair)
Working with Economics (Hird) 

Research & Education Association (REA)

Florida FTCE Professional Education [083] Test Prep 6/e (Mander et al.)TExES ESL Supplemental [154] Test Prep (Mahler et al.)
TExES PPR EC-12 [160] Test Prep (Mendez Newman)TExES Special Education EC-12 [161] Test Prep (Haney et al.)

Scholastic Canada

Literacy Place—Grade 4 Teacher’s GuideThe Media Effect, Take Action Series (Wilhelm ed.)
Scholastic Spelling (Moats/Foorman)Science Place: Power Source, Energy from Wind and Moving Water—Grade 2 Student Book
Science Place: Power Source, Energy from Wind and Moving Water—Grade 2 Teacher’s GuideScience Place: Watch It Grow!—Grade 3 Student Book
Science Place: Watch It Grow!—Grade 3 Teacher’s GuideScience Place: Healthy Habitats—Grade 4 Student Book
Science Place: Healthy Habitats—Grade 4 Teacher’s Guide 

Social Studies School Services

North Carolina State History Student Reader (Corrigan & Edwards)North Carolina State History Teacher’s Resource (Corrigan)
Nystrom K, 1, 3 Teacher Resources (Corrigan et al.)

Street Kids International

Street Business Toolkit Course

Teacher Created Materials (TCM)

180 Days of Social Studies for Kindergarten (Flynn)180 Days of Social Studies for First Grade (Flynn)
180 Days of Social Studies for Second Grade (McNamara)180 Days of Social Studies for Third Grade (McNamara)
180 Days of Social Studies for Fourth Grade (Tomlinson, Wassmer, Williamson)180 Days of Social Studies for Fifth Grade (Cotton, Elliott, Joye)
180 Days of Social Studies for Sixth Grade (Flynn, McNamara, Tomlinson) 

University of Toronto Press

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Two Bicycles: The Work of Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville (White)