Our Work

Beaver Books Samples

Kombi’s World of Friends Series

Abby Shares Her Toys (Corrigan)

Charlie Finds His Courage (Corrigan)

Emma Goes to School (Corrigan)

Felix’s Snow Day (Corrigan)

Beech Street Samples

Canadian Celebrations

Black History Month (O’Brien)

Groundhog Day (O’Brien)

Spirit Days (O’Brien)

Victoria Day (O’Brien)

Healthy Kids

Substances (Rose & Corrigan)

Real and Fictional Violence (Rose & Corrigan)

Personal Safety (Rose & Nixon)

Growth and Development (Rose & Nixon)

Gender Identity (Rose & Nixon)

Embracing Differences (Rose & Nixon)

Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future

Development of the Reserve System (Rose & Corrigan)

Employment and Education (Rose & Corrigan)

Housing and Infrastructure (Rose & Corrigan)

Missing and Exploited Indigenous Women and Girls (Rose & Corrigan)

Racism and Stereotypes (Rose & Corrigan)

Search for Clean Water (Rose & Corrigan)

Bellwether Samples

Survival Stories

Surviving at Sea (Mason)

Surviving the Desert (Hayes)

Surviving a Blizzard (Hayes)

Surviving a Hurricane (Mason)

Surviving a Tsunami (Hayes)

Surviving a Tornado (Mason)

Surviving the Rainforest (Hayes)

Surviving in the Wild (Mason)

That’s Disgusting!

Disgusting Animals (Mattern)

Disgusting Bugs (Mattern)

Disgusting Foods (Mattern)

Disgusting Human Body (Mattern)

Disgusting Jobs (Mattern)

Disgusting Medical Procedures (Mattern)

Disgusting Places (Mattern)

Disgusting Plants (Mattern)

Bookstaves Samples


Alien Abductions (Mason)

Alien Sightings and Encounters (Mason)

Alien Sites  (Mason)

Aliens in the Movies  (Mason)

Communicating with Aliens  (Mason)

Searching for Aliens  (Mason)

Daring and Dangerous Jobs

Animal Handler (Bell)

Bomb Squad Technician (Bell)

Deep Sea Fisher (Bell)

High-Rise Window Washer (Bell)

Miner (Bell)

Rescue and Recovery Diver (Bell)

Rodeo Clown (Bell)

Smoke Jumper (Bell)

Sports Report

Golf (Mattern)

Gymnastics (Mattern)

Martial Arts (Mattern)

Skiing and Snowboarding (Mattern)

Softball (Mattern)

Swimming (Mattern)

Tennis (Mattern)

Wrestling (Mattern)

Wild Weather

Blizzards (Corrigan)

Dust Storms (Williamson)

Floods (Winch)

Hailstorms (Duling)

Heat Waves (Williamson)

Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons (O’Brien)

Ice Storms (Winch)

Thunder and Lightning Storms (O’Brien)

Tornadoes (Corrigan)

Tsunamis (Corrigan)

Capstone Samples

Young Readers

My First Board Books

My First 1 2 3 (Corrigan)

My First ABC (Corrigan)

My First Colours (Corrigan)

My First Shapes (Corrigan)

Edge Books

Bizarre Things Series

Bizarre Things We’ve Done to Our Bodies (Garbe)

Bizarre Things We’ve Eaten (Leavitt)

Bizarre Things We’ve Called Medicine (Klepeis)

Bizarre Things We’ve Done for Sport (Omoth)

Fact Finders

Extreme Adaptations

Extreme Fish Adaptations (Rake)

Extreme Insect Adaptations (Toppen)

Extreme Mammal Adaptations (Rake)

Extreme Reptile Adaptations (Amstutz)

Close Reading Links for Small Group Instruction

Student Books

Adapting to Survive (Boyle)

Animal Friends from Classic Children’s Literature (Boyle)

At the Time of the American Revolution (Boyle)

Extraordinary Animals (Boyle)

Fables from Long Ago (Boyle)

Getting to Know Characters from Long Ago (Boyle)

Going Fast (Boyle)

Happily Ever After: Stories from Classic Children’s Literature (Boyle)

In Their Own Words: Diaries from Long Ago (Boyle)

Investigating Primary Sources from American History (Boyle)

Merry Moments in Poetry (Boyle)

Native Americans: Past and Present (Boyle)

Nature’s Beauty in Rhythm and Rhyme (Boyle)

Oceans Around the Globe (Boyle)

People from America’s Past (Boyle)

Tales from Long Ago (Boyle)

Themes Through Poetry (Boyle)

Wise Words from Long Ago (Boyle)

Fact Finders

What You Need to Know Series

What you Need to Know About Cancer (Forest)

What you Need to Know About Concussions (Asselin)

What you Need to Know About Diabetes (Peterson)

What you Need to Know About Meningitis (Gray-Wilburn)

Cisco Samples


PanAm Games Series

Discover Math Through Sport Grade 7 Math Student Book (Corrigan)

Discover Math Through Sport Grade 7 Math Teacher’s Resource (Corrigan)

Discover Science Through Sport Grade 7 Science Student Book (Corrigan)

Discover Science Through Sport Grade 7 Science Teacher’s Resource (Corrigan)

Gareth Stevens Samples

The Great Race: Fight to the Finish

The Bone Wars: The Race to Dig Up Dinosaurs (Wittmann)

Building the Transcontinental Railroad: Race of the Railroad Companies (Wittmann)

Crazy Road Races (Mason)

The Nuclear Arms Race (Mason)

The Race to Sail Around the World (Wittmann)

The Space Race (Mason)

Kaeden Samples

Series A

A Caterpillar Changes (Humphrey & Miller)

A Seed Changes (Humphrey & Miller)

A Tadpole Changes (Humphrey & Miller)

An Egg Changes (Humphrey & Miller)

Awake at Night (Humphrey & Miller)

What Lives in the Ocean? (Humphrey & Miller)


Series B

Families in Different Places (Humphrey & Miller)

Family Fun (Humphrey & Miller)

I Can Help My Family (Humphrey & Miller)

What Is a Desert? (Humphrey & Miller)

What Is a Mountain? (Humphrey & Miller)

What Is a River? (Humphrey & Miller)

What Is an Ocean? (Humphrey & Miller)


Norwood Samples


Search for Sounds

Oh! Animals (1 of 8 books)


Friends and Family Fun

Zack and Chet on the Dock (1 of 12 books)


Things We Like to Do

Sounds of the Band (1 of 8 books)


Activities with Friends

At the Theme Park (1 of 6 books)


Discover Plants and Animals

Baby Animals in Their Homes
(1 of 9 books)


Fables and Folktales

The Camel, the Deer, and the Horse
(1 of 9 books)

Rosen Publishing Samples

PowerKids Press

What’s Up With Your Government Series?

Understanding Checks and Balances (Leavitt)

Understanding the Electoral College (Klepeis)

Understanding the Impeachment Process (Klepeis)

Understanding the Line of Succession (Leavitt)

Understanding Presidential Appointments (Peterson)

Understanding Supreme Court Cases (Peterson)

Scholastic Samples

Let’s Look Books

Fall, Winter, Spring, Sharks

Pumpkins (Donaldson)

Squirrels (Donaldson)

Trees (Donaldson)

Evergreens (Donaldson)

Penguins (Donaldson)

Snow (Donaldson)

Butterfly Life Cycle (Donaldson)

Frog Life Cycle (Donaldson)

Sunflower Life Cycle (Donaldson)

Great White Shark (Donaldson)

Hammerhead Shark (Donaldson)

Nurse Shark (Donaldson)

Smart Words Beginning Readers

Baby Animals

Birds (O’Brien)

Fish (O’Brien)

Insects and Spiders (O’Brien & Pegis)

Mammals (O’Brien & Pegis)

Reptiles and Amphibians (O’Brien)

World Book

Christmas Around the World

A Ukrainian Christmas (O’Brien)


Where in the World Can I …

Design a Robot? (O’Brien)

Find a Dinosaur? (O’Brien)

Find Sea Monsters? (O’Brien)

Talk to Animals? (O’Brien)

Train to the Moon? (O’Brien)

Visit a Rainforest? (O’Brien)