Beaver Books

Kombi’s World of Friends Series

Abby Shares Her Toys (Corrigan)Emma Goes to School (Corrigan)
Charlie Finds His Courage (Corrigan)Felix’s Snow Day (Corrigan)

Beech Street

Canadian Celebrations

Black History Month (O’Brien)Groundhog Day (O’Brien)
Spirit Days (O’Brien)Victoria Day (O’Brien)

Canada’s Changing Climate: Problems and Solutions

Communities and Climate Change (Tomlinson)Food Supply and Climate Change (Corrigan)
Government and Climate Change (Corrigan & Corrigan)Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change (Tomlinson)
Land Use and Climate Change (Tomlinson)Water and Climate Change (Tomlinson)

Canadian Eh!

Canadian Flag (Corrigan)Lacrosse Stick (Corrigan)
Long Johns (Corrigan)Maple Syrup (Corrigan)
Toboggan (Corrigan)Toque (Corrigan)

Cooking Across Canada

Breakfasts (Corrigan)Desserts (Williamson)
Dinners (Corrigan)Snacks (Williamson)

Healthy Kids Canada

Substances (Rose & Corrigan)Real and Fictional Violence (Rose & Corrigan)
Personal Safety (Rose & Nixon)Growth and Development (Rose & Nixon)
Gender Identity (Rose & Nixon)Embracing Differences (Rose & Nixon)

Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future

Development of the Reserve System (Rose & Corrigan)Employment and Education (Rose & Corrigan)
Housing and Infrastructure (Rose & Corrigan)Missing and Exploited Indigenous Women and Girls (Rose & Corrigan)
Racism and Stereotypes (Rose & Corrigan)Search for Clean Water (Rose & Corrigan)

Regions of Canada

Appalachian Uplands (Corrigan & Corrigan)Arctic Lands (Corrigan & Corrigan)
Canadian Shield (Corrigan & Corrigan)Cordillera (Corrigan & Corrigan)
Great Lakes–St. Lawrence Lowlands (Corrigan & Corrigan)Hudson Bay Lowlands (Corrigan & Corrigan)
Interior Plains (Corrigan & Corrigan)

Bellwether: Kaleidoscope

Food Brands We Love

Ben & Jerry’s (Duling)Frito Lay (Duling)
Gatorade (Duling)Hershey (Duling)
Kellogg’s (Duling)M & M Mars (Duling)
McDonald’s (Duling)Nestlé (Duling)
Oreo (Duling)Wrigley’s (Duling)

Survival Stories

Surviving at Sea (Mason)Surviving the Desert (Hayes)
Surviving a Blizzard (Hayes)Surviving a Hurricane (Mason)
Surviving a Tsunami (Hayes)Surviving a Tornado (Mason)
Surviving the Rainforest (Hayes)Surviving in the Wild (Mason)

That’s Disgusting!

Disgusting Animals (Mattern)Disgusting Bugs (Mattern)
Disgusting Foods (Mattern)Disgusting Human Body (Mattern)
Disgusting Jobs (Mattern)Disgusting Medical Procedures (Mattern)
Disgusting Places (Mattern)Disgusting Plants (Mattern)

Bookstaves: 12 Story Library


Alien Abductions (Mason)Alien Sightings and Encounters (Mason)
Alien Sites  (Mason)Aliens in the Movies  (Mason)
Communicating with Aliens  (Mason)Searching for Aliens  (Mason)

Daring and Dangerous Jobs

Animal Handler (Bell)Bomb Squad Technician (Bell)
Deep Sea Fisher (Bell)High-Rise Window Washer (Bell)
Miner (Bell)Rescue and Recovery Diver (Bell)
Rodeo Clown (Bell)Smoke Jumper (Bell)

Dictators and Despots

Absolute Autocrats (Hayes)Deadly Dictators (Hayes)
Ruthless Despots (Hayes)Terrible Tyrants (Hayes)

Modern Marvels

Amazing Trains (Ventura)Astonishing Ships (Ventura)
Awesome Airplanes (Ventura)Incredible Buildings and Towers (Ventura)
Massive Machines (Ventura)Outrageous Trucks (Ventura)
Phenomenal Tunnels (Ventura)Spectacular Bridges (Ventura)


Experiences (Duling)Living Things (Duling)
Physical Object (Duling)Things and Events (Duling)

Sports Report

Golf (Mattern)Gymnastics (Mattern)
Martial Arts (Mattern)Skiing and Snowboarding (Mattern)
Softball (Mattern)Swimming (Mattern)
Tennis (Mattern)Wrestling (Mattern)

That’s Some Body!

Your Bones (Corrigan)Your Brain (Corrigan)
Your Digestive System (Corrigan)Your Heart (Tomlinson)
Your Immune System (Tomlinson)Your Muscles (Marquardt)
Your Respiratory System (Corrigan)Your Senses (Corrigan)

Wild Weather

Blizzards (Corrigan)Dust Storms (Williamson)
Floods (Winch)Hailstorms (Duling)
Heat Waves (Williamson)Hurricanes, Cyclones, and Typhoons (O’Brien)
Ice Storms (Winch)Thunder and Lightning Storms (O’Brien)
Tornadoes (Corrigan)Tsunamis (Corrigan)


Actors (Hayes)Animals (Hayes)
Musicians (Hayes)Olympians (Hayes)
Race Car Drivers (Hayes)Scientists (Hayes)
Sports Teams (Hayes)Writers (Hayes)

Capstone Publishing

Canadian Board Books

My First ABC (Corrigan)My First Colours (Corrigan)
My First 123 (Corrigan)My First Shapes (Corrigan)

Edge Books: Archaeological Secrets Series

Secrets of Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Incas (Garbe)Secrets of Mesa Verde: Cliff Dwellings of the Pueblo (Fay)
Secrets of Pompeii: Buried City of Ancient Rome (O’Shei)Secrets of the Terracotta Army: Tomb of an Ancient Chinese Emperor (Capek)

Edge Books: Bizarre Things Series

Bizarre Things We’ve Done to Our Bodies (Garbe)Bizarre Things We’ve Eaten (Leavitt)
Bizarre Things We’ve Called Medicine (Klepeis)Bizarre Things We’ve Done for Sport (Omoth)

Fact Finders: Extreme Adaptations Series

Star-Nosed Moles and Other Extreme Mammal Adaptations (Rake)Orchid Mantises and Other Extreme Insect Adaptations (Wheeler-Toppen)
Mudskippers and Other Extreme Fish Adaptations (Rake)Thorny Devil Lizards and Other Extreme Reptile Adaptations (Amstutz)

Fact Finders: Monuments Series

The Alamo: Myths, Legends, and Facts (Gunderson)The Lincoln Memorial: Myths, Legends, and Facts (Clark)
Mount Rushmore: Myths, Legends, and Facts (Gunderson)The Washington Monument: Myths, Legends, and Facts (Murray)

Fact Finders: The Story of the Civil War Series

Biggest Battles of the Civil War (Kolpin)Heroes of the Civil War (Wittman)
Great Women of the Civil War (Kolpin)Reconstruction: Outcomes of the Civil War (Wittman)

Fact Finders: What You Need to Know Series

What you Need to Know About Cancer (Forest)What you Need to Know About Concussions (Asselin)
What you Need to Know About Diabetes (Peterson)What you Need to Know About Meningitis (Gray-Wilburn)

Pebble Plus: Canadian Biographies Series

Chris Hadfield (Donaldson)Robert Munsch (Donaldson)
Christine Sinclair (Donaldson)Hayley Wickenheiser (Donaldson)

Sports Illustrated Kids: Hockey Superstars Series

Connor McDavid (Mortillaro)

Crabtree Publishing Company

Rocks, Minerals, and Resources Series

Coal (Edwards & Edwards)Diamonds and Gemstones (Edwards & Dickie)
Gold (Edwards & Gladstone)Minerals (Mongarelli)
Oil and Gas (Zronik)Salt (Zronik)

Gareth Stevens Publishing

The Great Race: Fight to the Finish Series

The Bone Wars: The Race to Dig Up Dinosaurs (Wittmann)Building the Transcontinental Railroad: Race of the Railroad Companies (Wittmann)
Crazy Road Races (Mason)The Nuclear Arms Race (Mason)
The Race to Sail Around the World (Wittmann)The Space Race (Mason)

Myths Across the Map Series

Dragon Myths (Mason)Fairy Myths (O’Brien)
Mermaid Myths (O’Brien)Vampire Myths (Mason)
Werewolf Myths (Mason)Zombie Myths (Mason)

Our Basic Freedoms Series

Freedom of Assembly (Wittmann)Freedom of the Press (Hoover)
Freedom of Religion (Hoover)Freedom of Speech (Mason)
The Right to Bear Arms (Wittmann)The Right to Petition (Mason)

Kaeden Books

Series A

A Caterpillar Changes (Humphrey & Miller)A Seed Changes (Humphrey & Miller)
A Tadpole Changes (Humphrey & Miller)An Egg Changes (Humphrey & Miller)
Awake at Night (Humphrey & Miller)What Lives in the Ocean? (Humphrey & Miller)

Series B

Families in Different Places (Humphrey & Miller)Family Fun (Humphrey & Miller)
I Can Help My Family(Humphrey & Miller)What Is a Desert? (Humphrey & Miller)
What Is a Mountain? (Humphrey & Miller)What Is a River? (Humphrey & Miller)
What Is an Ocean? (Humphrey & Miller)

Series C

Fall Is Here! (Humphrey & Miller)Rain (Humphrey & Miller)
Spring Is Here! (Humphrey & Miller)Summer Is Here! (Humphrey & Miller)
Sun (Humphrey & Miller)Wind (Humphrey & Miller)
Winter Is Here! (Humphrey & Miller)

Series D

Color at the Beach (Humphrey & Miller)Fun at the Park (Humphrey & Miller)
In the Sky (Humphrey & Miller)What Do I Hear? (Humphrey & Miller)
What Do I See? (Humphrey & Miller)What Will I Eat? (Humphrey & Miller)
Where Is My Backpack? (Humphrey & Miller)

Series E

Dentists Help Us (Humphrey & Miller)Firefighters Help Us (Humphrey & Miller)
I Can Help on the Farm (Humphrey & Miller)Nurses Help Us (Humphrey & Miller)
Our Camping Trip (Humphrey & Miller)Police Officers Help Us (Humphrey & Miller)
We Are a Community (Humphrey & Miller)

Series F

All About Bridges (Humphrey & Miller)All About Buildings (Humphrey & Miller)
All About Roads (Humphrey & Miller)All About Signs (Humphrey & Miller)
All About Trains (Humphrey & Miller)At My School (Humphrey & Miller)
Places in My Community (Humphrey & Miller)

Pearson Education Canada

Reaching Readers: Canadian Biographies Series

Alexander Graham Bell: Man of Ideas (Wishinsky)Biruté Galdikas: Friend of the Orangutans (Gaetz)
Catriona Le May Doan: Fastest Woman on Ice (Gaetz)Chan Hon Goh: Prima Ballerina (Langston)
Chantal Petitclerc: Paralympic Champion (O’Connor)David Suzuki: Champion of Nature (Garrett)
David Thompson: Map-maker (Wishinsky)Donovan Bailey: Super Sprinter (Donaldson)
Emily Stowe: Canada’s First Woman Doctor (Stanbridge)J. Armand Bombardier: The Busy Inventor (Pearson)
Joseph Brant: Leader and Protector (Stanbridge)Julie Payette: Canadian Astronaut (O’Connor)
Kay McKeever: A Friend to Owls (Kleitsch)Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writer’s Life (Dublin)
Marie Rollet-Hébert: Canadian Pioneer (Butcher)Marilyn Bell: Swimming Sensation (Donaldson)
Maud Lewis: Maritime Artist (Donaldson)Maurice Ruddick: Springhill Mine Survivor (Stanbridge)
Michael J. Fox: Star-Struck (Donaldson)Norman Bethune: Heroic Doctor (Stewart)
Pitseolak Ashoona: Inuit Artist (Singh)Poundmaker: Peace Chief (Stanbridge)
Rick Hansen: Canadian Hero (O’Connor)Rosemary Brown: Political Pioneer (Langston)
Sir John A. Macdonald: Canada’s First Prime Minister (Zweig)Susan Aglukark: Arctic Rose (Kleitsch)
Sylvia Stark: Freedom Seeker (Butcher)Tom Longboat: Born to Run (Garrett)
Wayne Gretzky: The Great One (Zweig)Wop May: Bush Pilot (Donaldson)

Rosen Publishing

PowerKids Press: What’s Up With Your Government Series?

Understanding Checks and Balances (Leavitt)Understanding the Electoral College (Klepeis)
Understanding the Impeachment Process (Klepeis)Understanding the Line of Succession (Leavitt)
Understanding Presidential Appointments (Peterson)Understanding Supreme Court Cases (Peterson)

Scholastic Canada

Canada Close-Up Series (English and French)

Canada’s Arctic Animals (Donaldson)Canada’s Coastal Animals (Donaldson)
Canada’s Dinosaurs (Donaldson & Bindon)Canada’s Mountain Animals (Donaldson)
Canada’s Prairie Animals (Donaldson)Canada’s Wetland Animals (Donaldson)
Canada’s Woodland Animals (Donaldson) 

Winter in Canada Series (English and French)

Animals (O’Brien)Machines (Mortillaro)
Sports (Spence) 

Scholastic Book Clubs (U.S.)

Let’s Look Books: Fall Series

Pumpkins (Donaldson)Squirrels (Donaldson)
Trees (Donaldson) 

Let’s Look Books: Winter Series

Evergreens (Donaldson)Penguins (Donaldson)
Snow (Donaldson) 

Let’s Look Books: Spring Series

Butterfly Life Cycle (Donaldson)Frog Life Cycle (Donaldson)
Sunflower Life Cycle (Donaldson) 

Let’s Look Books: Shark Series

Great White Shark (Donaldson)Hammerhead Shark (Donaldson)
Nurse Shark (Donaldson) 

Smart Words Beginning Readers—Baby Animals

Birds (O’Brien)Fish (O’Brien)
Insects and Spiders (O’Brien & Pegis)Mammals (O’Brien & Pegis)
Reptiles and Amphibians (O’Brien) 

Smart Words Beginning Readers—Space

Planets (Edwards & Edwards)Space Exploration (Edwards & Edwards)
Space Rocks (Edwards & Edwards)Stars (Edwards & Edwards)
Sun, Earth, and Moon (Edwards & Edwards)