Our Services

Focus has extensive experience in all facets of publishing, from full book packaging and project managing to researching, original concept and content developing, writing, editing, fact-checking, review managing, copyediting, photo researching and licensing, text permissioning, designing, composition, indexing, proofreading, printing, e-book creation, XML converting, and application developing of nonfiction trade and educational texts and resources.

Project Management


The experienced Focus project management team monitors the progress of our editorial, production, and other team members. They also function as liaison between your in-house staff and our teams. Focus project managers oversee all aspects of the project. We keep on top of things to keep everything on track. Our project management process includes the following:


  • Sourcing, Assigning, and Managing Staff
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Monitoring
  • Quality Control


Focus will work with you to develop concepts through to finished product. Market analysis allows you to get a leg up on the competition and develop a unique product for the right market. We will work with your in-house sales and marketing team (who are closest to your customers) to identify opportunities in market gaps by analyzing the strengths and weakness of the competition’s products. Our development process includes the following:


  • Planning from the Ground Up
  • Original Concept Development
  • Original Content Development
  • Research



It is essential to hire the best people for each job to ensure the highest quality work. Focus sources the perfect match for each project. We do not try and shoehorn in someone who just happens to be on staff.

We develop careful author guidelines and editorial templates to ensure that the project proceeds with a minimum of disruption and confusion, thereby saving both time and money. Of course, we ensure the best quality control by overseeing and monitoring all progress through each step of the process. Our editorial process includes the following:


  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Leveling
  • Fact-Checking
  • Reviewing
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Indexing

Design and Production

We have many excellent, talented designers and layout artists, not to mention illustrators, photographers, and art directors. The trick is to match the right person to the right job. That ensures the right look and feel, whether it be a preK-leveled reader or a college textbook. Our design and production process includes the following:


  • Prototype Design
  • Cover and Interior Design
  • Design Templates
  • Photo Research and Licensing
  • Illustrations and Tech Art
  • Art Direction
  • Composition
  • Pre-flight and File Creation

Other Services


Focus staff can help clients develop assessment tools appropriate to measure knowledge, skills, and so on. These include diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments as needed. In addition, Focus is familiar with various curriculum standards, from state courses of study to international outcomes. All these standards employ a research-based approach to help develop higher-order thinking skills in students. Focus curriculum experts can guide clients in the best approaches to these often confusing documents.

Focus can ensure that your ebook and XML conversions and app development are produced seamlessly alongside the print components or on their own.

In addition, Focus can arrange translation services for clients in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and other languages.

Most publishers have contracts and arrangements with preferred printers who offer volume discounts. Focus can work with them to ensure a seamless execution and delivery of your final products. Focus can also help clients source the best prices and highest quality printers for particular projects as needed. Our other services include the following:


  • Assessment
  • Curriculum Standards
  • Digital
  • Translation
  • Print Coordination