Who We Are

Our Philosophy

Our logo embodies who we are and what we do. The circle represents our creative forces, bringing together all the facets of publishing, not as isolated entities, but as unified parts of the whole.

This is the essence of Focus.

The arrow is a symbol of movement, growth, and profits—our goal for our clients.

Our People

Adrianna Edwards

Adrianna is a 30-year veteran in the publishing and communications industries. As a team leader, her excellent project management skills have allowed her to guide the most complex and difficult projects, from beginning to the end, delivering quality results on time and on budget. Her experience and expertise in marketing and public relations, as well as her knowledge of eight languages, have proven to be assets in understanding target markets and producing indispensable materials.

Ron Edwards

Ron has over 30 years of experience in publishing and education. He has taught in Ontario secondary schools and has trained in the private sector. He has also written and edited books and articles on a variety of topics. Ron’s excellent developmental editing and project management skills, combined with his expertise in collaborating effectively with authors, have proven invaluable in this very competitive industry.

Support Team

The Focus support staff has many years of publishing experience in a range of subjects and grade and reading levels. In addition to our in-house expertise, our extensive virtual team of freelance professionals expands as needed. We match individual skills of our support team to the particular requirements of specific projects.